My Bullet Serve - Features

Serve Speed Measurement:

Simple, intuitive method of capturing serve information and computing initial serve speed, based on advanced algorithms considering serve and landing locations, player’s height, air resistance on the ball, etc.... A good practice for accurate measurements is to look at the ball rather than the screen and press the Serve/Bounce buttons when the ball is being hit and when it lands. This reduce considerably user reaction lag time and produces more accurate measurements.

Players Ranking:

An overall ranking screen lists the fastest serve for all players.

Player Management:

Captures player’s profile (name, ranking). Player screen gives you a ranking of the top 10 serves for the selected player, showing the recording method (Tap vs Camcorder) for each serve.

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“Camcorder” Recording Method:

For an extremely accurate measurement of the initial serve speed, you can use the ‘Camcorder’ recording method.