My Tennis Buddy - Features

Match Management:

Tracks match information, including match types (single or double, whether it’s friendly, practice, tournament, or league), location and event name. Allows extensive and flexible scoring rules (set, games, various tie-breaks rules). All data is editable, even when match is completed.

Player Management:

Captures player’s profile (name, ranking, stroke types). Offer player’s category (favorites or opponents) for accelerated player selection. Player screen gives you a very detail summary of all matches for a given player, head-to-head with an opponent and overall match statistics.  This will help you identify how you fare against your opponents.

Match Statistics:

Highlights match statistics in a simple and intuitive style. Outlined match statistics summary (wins/losses, tie-break, “bagels”, break-down singles vs. doubles) and winning trend information (winning streak, and last few matches). Compute your Comeback and Finishing Power.

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