“Truly know your tennis game” 

My Tennis Buddy (MTB): Unique and innovative. The most compelling choice for tracking your tennis matches and truly know your game. 
Who is it for?

My Tennis Buddy (MTB) puts at your fingertips a powerful tool for monitoring/analyzing match results and understanding better your game. Students, coaches, parents, and tennis fans can compute pertinent match statistics for a given player, analyze the player’s strength indicators, and easily view all recorded matches. These features, presented in a simple and intuitive style, give you indispensible insights that will propel you to a whole new level of proficiency in your game.

What can it do?

There is more to the game than simply hitting the ball. To be successful, a player requires technique, strategy, and good mental and physical conditioning.  It’s quite difficult to assess these attributes and truly know your game through a single match. Long-term statistical match data is required to extract key indicators, like a player's ability to comeback from the brink of defeat to land a great win (comeback power), a player's ability to conclude a match (finishing power) or to win a tie-break (tie-break success rate). MTB highlights this invaluable information so that you can readily identify weaknesses and make the corrective actions that will spawn major breakthroughs in your game.

Cool customizable features presented in a simple and intuitive style:

Many powerful features, yet very easy to use:
•	Players’ profile (name, picture, gender, ranking, stroke types, notes)
•	Player category (favorites, opponents)
•	Match information (location, event name, match types: single or double, whether it’s friendly, practice, tournament, or league,  Men's/Women's/Mixed)
•	Court information (types (indoor or outdoor), surface (grass, clay, hard, synthetic), accessibility (public or private).
•	Extensive and flexible scoring rules (games, sets, tie-breaks) and match formats. Supports most match formats played in the US and in the world, including league, college, etc…
Extended match information and players’ statistics (match outcome, tie-break success rate, “bagels”, break-down singles vs. doubles, winning streak, last few matches, combeback/finishing power)
  Support for incomplete matches (player retired, match suspended, etc…)
  Support for timed matches (super tie-break, tie matches, sudden death, etc...)
•	Player’s view (matches for a given player, head-to-head with an opponent)
•	Exportable statistics data (email, CSV format)
•	Intelligent context-sensitive scoreboard to simplify score entry 
  Editable match data, even when match is completed
  Ability to enter/view/edit match comments
•	Shake your phone to cancel your scoring operations

  Available in English, French and Italian languages

Where to buy?

My Tennis Buddy is available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Download directly from iTunes.

Why you should get it now?
User friendly and indispensable, MyTennis Buddy is the most compelling choice when it comes to tracking your match scores and get great insights into your game. MTB highlights this invaluable information so that you can readily identify weaknesses and make the corrective actions that will spawn major breakthroughs in your game.

How to use your tennis buddy tool?
Check out the MyTennisBuddy Documentation for more information on using the latest features.

Bonus material:
You can download our MTB Brochure to get an overview of what MTB can do for you
Language Support:
MTB is currently available in English, French and Italian.
Many thanks to our user Fabio Noris from Italy, which volunteered to translate MyTennisBuddy in Italian.

Don’t see your language? Give us a hand!
If your language is not listed and you would like to help with the translation, please contact us at feedback@opusmt.com, we would greatly appreciate it.Support.htmlMyTennisBuddy_files/MTB_Brochure_English_V2_4.pdfmailto:feedback@opusmt.comhttp://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=329713171&mt=8MyTennisBuddy_files/MTB_Brochure_English_1.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2

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