One of our goals when creating MTB is to make it as user friendly as possible.

Table of Contents

  1. Let’s Get Started

  2. Matches

  3. New Match

  4. Player Selection

  5. Entering Score

  6. Scoreboard

  7. Canceling Scoring Operation

  8. List of Matches

  9. Players

  10. Player’s Match Statistics

  11. Head-to-Head Matches

  12. Support/Feedback

  13. Tell A Friend

Let’s Get Started!

The first step towards getting the most out of your tennis game is getting MyTennisBuddy onto your iPhone or iPod Touch. When you buy MyTennisBuddy from the iTunes Application Store, it will automatically be downloaded and installed on your phone.

Once you have your application downloaded, you can view the icons on the toolbar along the bottom of the page.  At anytime you need to get to one of these screens, just tap on the icon to launch the page.

Matches - Takes you to the Matches management page to add new matches or see old ones

Players - Takes you to the Players management page where you can add new players, view statistics for a given player, detailed info of all matches, and head-to-head match statistics

About - Takes you to our company info page. You can send feedback and request support

from there.

Some key informations for you to get started:


New Matches

Player Selection

Entering  Score


Canceling Scoring Operations

List of Matches


Player’s Match Statistics

Head-to-Head Matches

Support/Feedback/’Tell a Friend’

If you wish to report a problem or drop us a note to provide feedback. We are committed   to make MTB the iPhone best application, when it comes to managing your matches.



My Tennis Buddy - Documentation

To begin, tap the Matches icon at the bottom. The matches page maintains a list of all of the matches that have been recorded. Tap the plus sign at the top to start entering new match informations.

A new match screen will come up that allows you to enter all the match informations including the match type, player selection, scoring rules, match location, date and name. Just tap on each icon to select and enter info. The plus sign at the top right side will take you forward. Once you enter the information, it will automatically go back to the previous screen. If not, to go back to the previous screen at anytime, tap the icon on the top left side. It could be new match, scoring rule, etc... Don’t forget to hit the save icon at the top if it’s there at anytime you enter new info.

When you are just getting started, you will have to add new player’s information. Tap player 1 or opponent category. Tap the plus sign at the top of screen to add new info. Then hit save at the top. Once added, the information is recorded for later reference.  The same method applies to the other categories on this page.

Once you have entered all the mandatory information you needed on the ‘New Match’ page, the ‘Score’ button will be enabled (at the top right). 

Tips: Make sure that a location has been entered and also an event name if the match type selected is ‘tournament’.

Tap the ‘Score’ button to enter the score of the match.

To enter the score, just move the picker to the score you would like to set. The number on the left side is for player 1 and the one on the right is for opponent. The blue highlighted boxes tell you how many sets this match was played. The yellow area will be left blank. Once you entered a complete match, the scores will be save.

List of matches show you all the matches you have entered and at any time, you can review the matches again.

Moving on to the player icon at the bottom of the screen. Again, you can enter new player here and their informations by tapping the plus icon at the top right side. If you tap on the name of the player, it will take to you another screen where you can see a summary of all their matches wins/losses, by their opponent, and match statistics.

If you need to go back to the previous screen, tap on the player’s name at the top left side. This screen shows the player’s match statistics.

If you tap on the by opponent icon, you can view the head-to-head summary. You can export/email the information to share.

The last icon on the bottom “About” allows you to send us feedback or ask for support. The icon at the top right side lets you send an email to a friend about the application. Make sure that you use this feature a lot ;-)

Important to remember is that if you need to cancel or change any score other than the last  one, just shake the phone and a screen will pop up and ask you if you would like to cancel some operation (the last entry or all entries)

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